We Have Arrived in Belize…but it wasn’t easy

We have arrived but it wasn't easy.  All was going well when we arrived at the airport.  But then the dominos began to fall. First, the Delta kiosks wouldn't accept the passport information for the team.  This meant that all the information had to be manually entered one at a time.  We finally got everyone [...]

Last Day

This was our last day and it was a time for recreation and celebration.  The team could sleep in, shop, swim, explore, and then join in a celebration dinner at the Placencia.  The celebration was hosted by Mr. and Mrs. Dick Chrysler as a way to say thank you for the work of the [...]

Clinic Day Four

We completed our fourth day of clinic today, going back to Santa Cruz.  On Tuesday when we went to Santa Cruz the first time, we saw over 200 patients.  Today we did not know what to expect as the clinic was not advertised.  We arrived early and found a line of waiting patients.  We are [...]

Clinic Day Three

Today we had another good day in clinic despite some challenges!!  The day began with us preparing to go to a new location to conduct a clinic where healthcare was provided for most of the residents.  We would be seeing those who work in the area but cannot afford medicine and health coverage.  Also, we [...]

Clinic Day Two

Today we went to Santa Cruz.  This is a village not too far from where we are staying and a very poor area.  From the folks we saw, they did not seem to be as "sick" as  those yesterday, but I'm not sure, but I think we saw every child in Belize!!  If we continue [...]

Clinic Day One

Today was our first day of Clinic for our team.  We went to the village of Maya Mopan, and extremely poor but proud village where we have served in the past, and the village of one of our former patients.  The team performed extremely well and I beleive represented their profession, their school, and [...]