We completed our fourth day of clinic today, going back to Santa Cruz.  On Tuesday when we went to Santa Cruz the first time, we saw over 200 patients.  Today we did not know what to expect as the clinic was not advertised.  We arrived early and found a line of waiting patients.  We are still counting the forms, but we know we came close to having the same response as on Tuesday.  AND, the temperature index was 112 degrees.  We were in a block church building with a tin roof and no air conditioning.  It was indeed strained working conditions.

But we were glad we were there.  We transferred one very sick lady to Dandriga to the hospital as she appeared to be becoming sceptic in our clinic.  We discovered several abdominal masses and referred them to treatment.  We gave out vitamins, cleaned wounds, gave medication to help ease pain, confirmed pregnancies and identified gender, and treated every patient with respect.  There were words of appreciation everywhere and we were privileged to be there.

Tomorrow is our free day which will include shopping at Placencia, swimming at the Placencia beach, and dinner at a nice restaurant.  We then head home Saturday.  Below are a few pictures of the day.