Today we had another good day in clinic despite some challenges!!  The day began with us preparing to go to a new location to conduct a clinic where healthcare was provided for most of the residents.  We would be seeing those who work in the area but cannot afford medicine and health coverage.  Also, we learned that the clinic would be in a recently remodeled church with, YES, AIR CONDITIONING!!!  It was a great location and a wonderful facility for us to use.

But we also started the day with Dr. Lesa Jordan becoming sick.  This put us down one doctor station.  Later in the morning, our children’s “specialist (Dr. Church) also succombed to the gastric disorder.  Still the clinics proceeded and it was a great day.

Tomorrow, we will go back to the large and poor village of Santa Cruz.  We saw well over 200 patients there on Tuesday and there is NO air conditioning.  If you are wondering about the temperature here, it is usually in the low to mid 90’s this time of you.  Mix that with humidity and it feels like 111 degrees.  Let’s just say I have cornered the market on bottled water!!!!

Our pics tonight are more casual.  We “only” saw aroud 120 patients today which is low for us an allowing us to spend more time with patients and children.  Enjoy the random pics.