We have arrived but it wasn’t easy.  All was going well when we arrived at the airport.  But then the dominos began to fall.

First, the Delta kiosks wouldn’t accept the passport information for the team.  This meant that all the information had to be manually entered one at a time.  We finally got everyone through the line and toward security.  All was well there until I carried through my ultrasound machine.  For some reason it set off an alarm and this cause quite a stir.  Anyway, i was release eventually just in time to make the flight.

We arrive in Atlanta EARLY and had time to eat breakfast.  We then boarded our flight to Belize, only to be told that the plane was broken and we would be delayed for at least two hours, waiting for another aircraft.  When the aircraft was identified, it was a much older domestic Airbus which had a different configuration.  Yes, you guessed it, some of our seats and tickets got “messed” up, but we eventually got everyone on the plane.

Upon arriving late in Belize, we got ALL our bags, but had to open every bag to allow customs to inspect our medicines.  Again, a long delay.

Finally, after a delay getting our trasportation arranged, we went to a mid afternoon lunch.  Now THAT went perfectly and was extremely good.  But, it did mean we would be leaving for Seine Bight at 5:00 rather tan 1:00!!  Yes, you guessed it, a ride through the Belizean mountains in the dark.  That was NOT fun.

While on the trip, about an hour away from our destination, we have to crossover 10 one lane bridges.  We did nine with no problems.  But at the tenth, just before we arrived, a small truck had missed the opening and had a sever accident in the middle of the bridge and shut down the traffic for some time.  Finally, once the authorities got the bridge open, we arrived at the Nautical Inn, ate, supper, got in our rooms and collapsed.

Today, Sunday, we have attended church, eaten two meals, and now are in the process of preparing the medicines for the clinic tomorrow.  We will begin our day with breakfast at 6:00 a.m., leave for clinic, and be gusy the rest of the day.